Meet SocialTable...

We exist because we value genuine connection.

We know how hard it can be to meet people when you're travelling, recently relocated, searching for a low-pressure dating options, or simply want to make new friends.

We enjoy meeting people - we love eating out and sharing new experiences - and sometimes even finding potential dates.

We're not your everyday type of start-up founders. Instead of giving you a standard bio - we wanted to tell you about our biggest achievements...



My greatest accomplishment - fundraising a wing at the orphanage I was adopted from. My background is a little different than most, I was born in a small Sri Lankan coastal town and abandoned at a local hospital. I stayed in this orphanage until I was 1.5 years old and owe my life to the women there. In January 2017, I traced my heritage for the first time and wanted to give back. So I raised the funds for a newborn baby wing. Plans and construction have begun and will be completed by July 2018.



In June this year, I climbed the grueling 5,898 metres to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It was an initiative lead by the Australian founded not-for-profit organisation School for Life, to raise funds for two of their schools in struggling Ugandan communities. In total we raised over $140,000 and summited Africa's highest Mountain, whilst raising funds for kids that have a limited chance of getting the opportunity to move outside of their village and fulfill their true potential.