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We are SocialTable

Bringing Humans Back Together

Our dinners are about good people, genuine connections and nights to remember.

Whether you're new in town, wanna talk business, make new friends, or maybe even find love, there's a seat at the table with your name on it. 

All you have to do is show up!

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Better when Shared...

curated dining experiences just for you. 

We've partnered with the best restaurants across the country to bring you delectable dining concepts and mouth-watering menus. 


What's Cookin'

Your Best night EVER?

We've partnered with the hottest restaurants - who have designed some truly mouth-watering menus exclusively for SocialTable! Click below to see more about our events - and grab yourself a ticket! Remember - at SocialTable you pay for your individual seat at a group table - you never know who will be joining you at the table!

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May Events

24th : Rosé Dinner Party - Rosé Royale - Potts Point
27th : Vegan Brunch @ CHEFIN' - Surry Hills
30th : Inner Besties @ Gurdys - Newtown

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June Events

1st : SocialFridays @ CHEFIN' - Surry Hills
5th : Beach-Side Friends @ Manly Wine - Manly
7th : Frenchies Finest Feast @ Frenchies - Rosebery

10th : Vegan Brunch @ CHEFIN' - Surry Hills
16th : Cooking Class @ CHEFIN' - Surry Hills

19th : Beach Babes @ Manly Wine - Manly
23rd : Messina Round @ Messina Creative Department - Darlinghurst
24th : Vegan Brunch @ CHEFIN' - Surry Hills


Dinner Guests

The People are Diggin' It

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About the People...

Had a real mix of people at the table but everyone was there to be social and share stories. Nice to meet people outside of the normal circles.” - Josie

“Great! Really interesting mix of people - and everyone made a big effort to be, well, social.” - Sam

“Very sociable. Good conversation starters and great company.” - Libby

 “This night was absolutely amazing. I was laughing so hard. It was so much fun. Just a really amazing group in general.” - Anna

“It was nicer than expected, people were all very friendly.” - Tim

"I noticed in the group last night there were many professionals with full time jobs . It is refreshing to meet people who aren't addicted to social media and want to make real life connections" - Scott

"Venue was beautiful and the amount of people was just right to be able to converse with everyone without feeling left out. It gave us the opportunity to face each other when talking and if got us engaging." - Jin Mee

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About the Restaurants...

"The place was absolutely lovely and had great food, I would definitively recommend it to friends" - Tan

“The food was great and share plates worked well. Very well organised.” - Andrew

“Loved the restaurant! Will definitely be back to try more from them. Perfect menu / setup for the event, sharing plates great way to increase engagement.” - Alex

"The food was really good! Plus they gave us a whole lot of it! I filled up on the entrees (hopefully that's how you spell it), way too quickly haha!" - Elena

"The food was amazing, and it was such a cute little bar. Would never have known it was there otherwise." - Sebastian

"The food was amazing, the wines were beautifully paired and explained, and the service was incredible. The host was attentive and fun, and really wanted us to have a great time. Please pass on our thanks!" - Lina

"Great! Plenty of food and great service." - Shiki

"Beautiful. Never been around the area. booked to take my girlfriend for drinks there!" - Jon

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About the Experience...

“The headache, the hangover and the late arrival to my meeting was truly worth it!” - Tony

“It was a great experience and really good concept to allow people to get out in a social setting to meet new people.”  - Priya

“Thanks so much for setting up Social Table! It's much needed in Sydney, and I'm keen to come again :)” - Ryan

“Love! Love! Love this concept and I’ve already referred friends. I think the email introducing everyone is perfect, it made me relax a little.” - David

"I think the business idea is great. I also like the different themes events, you might want different experiences in different days. It was also very nice to have one of the hosts, to introduce everyone, and break the ice at the beginning." - Jenny

"Great! Really interesting mix of people - and everyone made a big effort to be, well, social!" - Charlotte

"So nice to do something completely different. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make some new friends in Sydney" - Katie

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Make new friends...

and get a good feed while you're doing it. That's the basic premise behind SocialTable, an intriguing new service inviting you to share a meal with a group of gastronomically compatible strangers...

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a brilliant new concept aimed at putting social media down for the night and getting out and socialising with real people in a real restaurant...We say ditch the couch, Bachelor in Paradise and home delivery and come and join us for a Fish Friendsy.


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