Chasing Tale - The Single Debate

Do you feel ‘romantically challenged’? Stigmatised about your relationship status? Are you single and asking yourself “What's wrong with me?” 

You are not alone! 

Join Conversation Club along with SocialTable for an open debate on being happily single.

Chasing Tale - The Single Debate is a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of dating through the eyes of Sami Lukis, TV presenter and author of Romantically Challenged, a book that hides no lies about the measures she has gone through to find a man; and Dr. Richard Bromilow, architect turned plastic surgeon, who has spent years creating and sculpting the perfect career with the not so perfect track-record of finding and building a long-term relationship. 

Join us as they debate what single-life really is, and how those countless hours trying to impress the other sex has been wasted when it's the most authentic, scars and all, version of you that really matters. 

Grab your Ticket for a night of fun, laughter and comraderie. Come meet new friends, ask questions and share your own story - and find out there's nothing wrong with being single! 


Sami Lukis

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Dr. Richard Bromilow

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