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New experiences can be daunting at the best of times…

…and dinner with a group of strangers is beyond the bounds of most people’s comfort zones.

At SocialTable we host dinners that are focused on good people, genuine connections and nights to remember.

Our events are carefully planned, low-pressure, fun-filled and one you’ll never forget.

So, whether you’re new in town, wanna talk business, make new friends, or maybe even meet that special someone, there’s a seat at our table with your name on it.

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Better when Shared...

curated dining experiences just for you.

We've partnered with the best restaurants across the country to bring you delectable dining concepts and mouth-watering menus.




Check out some of our upcoming events below...or view them all to find your seat at the table!


A Fun + Social Table - May 17th - Platform818

Experience a modern take on classic Australian dishes made with locally sourced produce that once would have travelled from railway towns along the NSW goods line. Enjoy these dishes with our meticulous all-Australian wine list or carefully crafted highball cocktails.

The cocktails are amazing - they even make their own bitters, and have a Gin Cocktail that's named after the platform in Harry Potter - 9 3/4's. The food is outstanding - and the feedback from our first event here was that people want to come back again! So come join us for a fun evening - where you'll get to meet likeminded people, share some great dishes, and be social - because what else do you do at SocialTable!?!

Location : Platform 818
Theme : New Friends
Time : 7:00pm
Menu : Set Menu
Address : Mercure Hotel, Level 1, 818 – 820 George Street, Sydney, 2000, Australia
Price : $75 + GST/BF *Includes Welcome Drink


Young Professionals Meet + Mingle
May 23rd - Rosetta

Now...we get it. Being a young person in Sydney is hard. Being a young professional - and trying to navigate working in a company, and hanging with co-workers - isn't easy either! So, if you're new to the city and want to meet some new people, grab a ticket and join us!

So we've put this event on to help you meet other people in the same situation as you. Because, let's face it - sitting at home watching Netflix, ordering UberEats and flicking through Tinder doesn't equate to meeting new friends. But...heading out to dinner at SocialTable will 110% equal that! So come, join us, bring some conversation starters and come meet your peers!

Location : Rosetta
Theme : Young Professionals
Time : 7:00pm
Menu : Pizza + Spritz
Address : 118 Harrington St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
Price : $35 + GST/BF


Vin et Fromage de France
June 22nd - Global Grapevine Warehouse

Cheese + Wine of France

We're teaming up with Global Grapevine and Penny's Cheese Shop to give you something more than just a wine tasting. We're pairing French Cheese from the north to the south of France with the Wines they were designed to be enjoyed with- think those wines you’ve heard about but wish you knew more of!

This is our first in a Wine and Cheese series we have planned for 2019 - so grab your tickets before they're all gone!

Location : Global Grapevine Warehouse
Theme : French Cheese + Wine Tasting
Time : 4:30pm
Menu : 5 French Cheeses + Wines
Address : View Location
Price : $75 + BF/GST

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Dinner Guests

The People are Diggin' It

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About the People...

 “This night was absolutely amazing. I was laughing so hard. It was so much fun. Just a really amazing group in general.” - Paul

"Mega foodie but my social circle have all decided to make babies or become boring home owners& settles! I’m still up for new adventures and meeting new people along with fabulous food so this ticks all those boxes." - Jess

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About the Restaurants...

"The food was amazing, the wines were beautifully paired and explained, and the service was incredible. The host was attentive and fun, and really wanted us to have a great time. Please pass on our thanks!" - Lina

“The headache, the hangover and the late arrival to my meeting was truly worth it!” - Tony

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About the Experience...

"I noticed in the group last night there were many professionals with full time jobs . It is refreshing to meet people who aren't addicted to social media and want to make real life connections in a traditional manner." - Karl

“Love! Love! Love this concept and I’ve already referred friends. I think the email introducing everyone is perfect, it made me relax a little.” - Anna


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As Told By The Press


…Social Dining is “a philosophy of using meals specifically as a means to connect with others: eat to socialize”

In the last years, due to the big influence of technology and Social Networks, this philosophy had become extremely popular and has been associated to the big movement of the sharing economy. All over the world, a lot of startups born with the aim to develop some new ideas based on it.

Daily Addict…

What do you get when you combine great food and wine with a group of solo diners that all have a sense of humour and stories to share? Eight new foodie friends!…and [new connections]…


...a social dining experience for people who want to meet others like them – whether that’s to make new friends, find dinner companions when you’re in town for a holiday or business, connect as a newcomer to Sydney, or nail down that special someone Tinder’s been lacking...

Concrete Playground....

...make new friends and get a good feed while you're doing it. That's the basic premise behind SocialTable, an intriguing new service inviting you to share a meal with a group of gastronomically compatible strangers...

So Perth...

...remember when we met other people with human eye contact, handshakes and hugs and actual conversations?

SocialTable say they’re bringing all that back; over great food and wine at some of Australia’s best restaurants...

StartUps We Love.

…SocialTable was born to connect people over a great meal in a relaxed environment. Appealing to travelers, wanting to share a meal and meet locals, people looking to establish new friendships or those who simply want a night out with good food and interesting company. We are the connection tool people are turning to, to meet genuine people…


…a new group dining experience aimed at fostering new friendships and bringing people together over the common denominator; delicious, delicious food.

We all have our stories of chance meetings with strangers we now call our friends, but SocialTable takes it to a new level by combining a unique social experiment with the most talked about culinary experiences across Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New York…

Salmon & Bear Blog...

...a brilliant new concept aimed at putting social media down for the night and getting out and socialising with real people in a real restaurant...We say ditch the couch, Bachelor in Paradise and home delivery and come and join us for a Fish Friendsy.

Mikey Galvin Blog Post...

...it was a real treat to sit at one table with a group of people who had a genuine and authentic interest in simply getting to know others. No agenda, just a desire to be social. Not an iPhone insight, can you believe it?...

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