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We are SocialTable

Bringing Humans Back Together

Our dinners are about good people, genuine connections and nights to remember.

Whether you're new in town, wanna talk business, make new friends, or maybe even find love, there's a seat at the table with your name on it. 

All you have to do is show up!

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Better when Shared...

curated dining experiences just for you. 

We've partnered with the best restaurants across the country to bring you delectable dining concepts and mouth-watering menus. 




Check out some of our upcoming events below...or view them all to find your seat at the table!


Tapas in the Garden

June 15th - Acre Eatery

Meet new friends who love small bites and fun, in a beautiful garden, with flowing drinks and a tapas menu designed for sharing.

Location : Acre Eatery
Theme : Friends
Time : 7:00pm
Menu : Tapas Menu
Address : View Location
Price : $50 - 65


Messina Round

June 23rd - Messina Creative Department

Designed to be an experimental, immersive, intriguing, indulgent and at times confronting, seven-course dining experience.

Location : Messina Creative Department
Theme : Desert Lovers
Time : 8:30pm
Menu : Designed to Surprise
Address : View Location
Price : $130


Fish Friendsy
June 28th - Salmon & Bear

Join our first table at Salmon & Bear. It's a pescetarian delight with some of the best fish we've ever tasted! Come meet new friends over fish.

Location : Salmon & Bear
Theme : Friends
Time : 7:00pm
Menu : Here
Address : View Location
Price : $55

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Dinner Guests

The People are Diggin' It

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About the People...

 “This night was absolutely amazing. I was laughing so hard. It was so much fun. Just a really amazing group in general.” - Paul

"Mega foodie but my social circle have all decided to make babies or become boring home owners& settles! I’m still up for new adventures and meeting new people along with fabulous food so this ticks all those boxes." - Jess

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About the Restaurants...

"The food was amazing, the wines were beautifully paired and explained, and the service was incredible. The host was attentive and fun, and really wanted us to have a great time. Please pass on our thanks!" - Lina

“The headache, the hangover and the late arrival to my meeting was truly worth it!” - Tony

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About the Experience...

"I noticed in the group last night there were many professionals with full time jobs . It is refreshing to meet people who aren't addicted to social media and want to make real life connections in a traditional manner." - Karl

“Love! Love! Love this concept and I’ve already referred friends. I think the email introducing everyone is perfect, it made me relax a little.” - Anna


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As Told By The Press

Make new friends...

and get a good feed while you're doing it. That's the basic premise behind SocialTable, an intriguing new service inviting you to share a meal with a group of gastronomically compatible strangers...

Salmon & Bear Blog...

a brilliant new concept aimed at putting social media down for the night and getting out and socialising with real people in a real restaurant...We say ditch the couch, Bachelor in Paradise and home delivery and come and join us for a Fish Friendsy.

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