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Whether you're exploring your town, travelling to a new city, searching for a low-pressure dating option, or simply looking to make some new friends; SocialTable is the key to connecting with fun, interesting, open-minded people.

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so you can experience the very best our partner restaurants have to offer - showcasing their unique style, and creativity through a shared menu with optional matching wines...

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Upcoming Events

We've partnered with the hottest restaurants - who have designed some truly mouth-watering menus exclusively for SocialTable! Click below to see more about our events - and grab yourself a ticket! Remember - at SocialTable you pay for your individual seat at a group table - you never know who will be joining you at the table!

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Feb Events

Dates + Themes:

23rd : Girls Only @ Rosé Royale
24th : Romeo Meets Juliette @ House Bar + Bistrot
27th : Cruising with Canapés @ Parsons Bar


March Events

Dates + Themes:

6th : Beach Baes @ Manly Wine



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and get a good feed while you're doing it. That's the basic premise behind SocialTable, an intriguing new service inviting you to share a meal with a group of gastronomically compatible strangers...


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